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Voluntary building rating systems play an important role in popularizing the concept of green design. As per international trends, the leading rating systems abroad have been devised to suit the building industry of the country where they were developed.

In the Indian context, these foreign rating systems would be useful only for AC buildings. Since a large number of buildings in India are non-AC and that too existing in varied climatic conditions, it is imperative to have a nationally relevant rating system. The bottom line: GRIHA is that much-needed Indian-centric green building rating system.

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Gish Apartments
A stylish 35-unit complex offering affordable housing to tenants, aims at improving the energy efficiency.


Case Studies: Build Green, Build Wise

Ready to plan your project? Distill the wisdom of model green buildings across India, and learn which sustainable design principles to put into practice.

Suzlon One Earth, Pune

Efficient Sunlight Screening

Louvers are designed to provide efficient screening of sunlight without hindering the view thus reducing heat dissipation and aids efficient cooling.

Sustainable Habitats

The Suzlon One Earth campus is an unique corporate headquarter spread over 10 acres of land in Hadapsar, Pune. It is an exemplary benchmark as an energy efficient and sustainable solution in all aspects of engineering and construction.

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