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Mud, the most natural of all building materials, has proved to be a sustainable option. There are still many homes in rural India which are typically made of mud. A classic example is that of all the faculty houses constructed of mud in Banasthali Vidyapeeth in Rajasthan.

Brief Description


  1. Mud is environmentally the most sustainable material.
  2. Its easy availability makes it almost a ‘no cost’ material, abundantly present, generally on the site itself
  3. It is also energy efficient and can be used to produce aesthetically very appealing structures
  4. Its unique plasticity that allows it to be molded, its texture and earthy feel lend its structures a certain timeless quality
  5. Buildings made of mud are also extremely comfortable, both in warm and cool weather, due to its thermal characteristics

Conceptually the material can be used to combine traditional elements in a contemporary context. The architecture strikes a subtle balance between technical appropriateness on the one hand and modern standards of services and space organization comforting to people on the other.


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